Theresa Davis, MFT  &  Sarah Kerem, MFT
                 Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy                             

  • What is psychotherapy?  Psychotherapy, also known as counseling, is designed to help
    people with everyday problems, struggles in their interpersonal relationships, and sometimes
    heal deeper psychological pain.  In our practice, we often see ordinary people who have
    become stuck when faced with a difficult situation.  

  • Is it normal to be nervous about contacting a psychotherapist?  Yes.  Many people
    worry about being judged or misunderstood.  Others worry that the therapy won't really
    help.  Often that feeling subsides after the initial session and you get to know us.  It is very
    important to us that you are comfortable with your therapist.  We strongly encourage you to
    call or email us and take some time getting to know us before you ever come in.  We are
    happy to answer your questions.  This will allow you to assess how comfortable you feel with
    your therapist and how confident you are that she understands you.

  • How do I choose a therapist?  Please find out more about each of us on our "About Us"
    page.  To read a fun article about the process of choosing a therapist click here.

  • How can psychotherapy help?  Psychotherapy may help you:
   - Make well informed decisions regarding your relationships, career, etc.
   - Manage stressful life situations or transitions
   - Increase your capacity for intimacy
   - Mourn the loss of a loved one
   - Foster awareness, compassion and forgiveness
   - Overcome anxiety or depression
   - Experience greater pleasure in life
   - Learn new coping skills
   - Make better use of your abilities

  • How long will I need to be in therapy?  We work efficiently and effectively to help our
    clients resolve their challenges.  Everyone's needs are different and the length of therapy
    depends on the complexity of the challenges you are facing.

  • How long are the appointments and what are the costs?  Psychotherapy
    appointments are typically 50 minutes long with a $165 fee for each session.  Sometimes a 50
    minute session is not enough and it is necessary to have a session and a half or even a double
    session.  We are happy to offer this service when needed.  We are willing to provide invoices
    so that you may submit them to your insurance for possible reimbursement for your sessions.

  • How can I make the most of psychotherapy?  Psychotherapy works best when you feel
    comfortable with your therapist and can openly share your thoughts and feelings.  This way
    we can accurately assess what the problem is and where things can change.
Frequently Asked Questions About Therapy