Theresa Davis, MFT  &  Sarah Kerem, MFT
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Theresa Davis, MFT  &  Sarah Kerem, MFT
                   Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy                         
I am so grateful to have the opportunity to do the work I love.  I am passionate
about helping people get out of painful places and back to their true selves.  
Frequently when people come to my office they are feeling stuck; stuck in anxiety,
stuck in depression, or stuck in their relationships.  I work with you to develop a
concrete plan to end the pain and get you back on track.

I began counseling at a crisis center while completing my undergraduate degree at
UC Santa Cruz.  When I graduated in 1993 I began working with high risk teens in
group homes and intensive outpatient treatment.   I learned a tremendous amount
about helping troubled teens and their overwhelmed parents.  By then, I knew that
this was the work I was meant to do and completed my Master’s Degree in 2000 at
CSU Sacramento.  In 2004 I opened my practice in Folsom working with individuals,
couples, teens and families.  

As a married mother of two, I fully understand the struggle to balance all the needs
of your family.  I know that juggling kids and careers often leaves your marriage
running on empty.  I believe that every relationship goes through dark days and
moments of hopelessness.  It is my job to help you rediscover your hope, your spark
and end the bickering and loneliness.  

Thank you for taking the time to read about me.  I look forward to speaking with you

Working with and helping people has been a desire of mine throughout my life.
When I reached UC Irvine in 1988 it became clear to me that my interest and
passion was about the human mind and psyche. I loved learning about people, their
behavior and their relationships with others. I graduated in 1992 with a B.A. in
Psychology. I then eagerly pursued a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology at
CSU Sacramento, graduating with honors in 1996. All the while I worked in the
field under the direction and guidance of amazing professors and mentors, who
taught me the application of theory into practice. I have been in the field, working
with individuals, teens, couples and families ever since, opening my office in
Folsom in 2003.
To this day, even as a seasoned therapist, I continue to be passionate about the
people I meet and the clients who allow me to be a part of their growth and
change. This is my life's work and I am grateful that you have taken this moment
to read this and consider me as your therapist.

Thank you,
Theresa Davis, MFT
Sarah Kerem, MFT