Area of Focus- Infidelity
Infidelity is one of the most painful and difficult events that can happen in a
marriage. Oftentimes it can feel like there is no way to resolve the hurt and
negative feelings. Both individuals may feel a deep sense of hopelessness
and not know which way to go. The emotional roller coaster of feelings is

We have worked with this issue throughout our career and have developed
ways to work through the hurt and pain. There is a process of grief and loss
along with a rebuilding that needs to happen simultaneously. Both can feel
daunting without guidance and direction. It is important to us that you not only
heal the wounds of this difficult time, but also repair the relationship so that it
is stronger and more fulfilling for both of you.
Sometimes the individual who had the affair may worry that they will be judged or that we will take sides with the
other. This is not helpful and would very much hurt the reconciliation process. We are respectful and
understanding in this hard time, providing a path for you both toward a healthy relationship.